Inferring fun!

This morning we started off our day with a small class inferring activity where students looked at a picture and jotted down everything they observed. We saw and wondered so many things, it was awesome to hear. Lots of great dialogue was going between students as we as listening to them justify their conclusions based on the clues they found in the picture. 

Here’s a look at the exact activity we did. Try discussing it with your child tonight, see if you inferred the same things! 

Sumdog math app

Today, students were introduced to a cool new math app called Sumdog. 
Sumdog is an engaging and adaptive learning tool that can help your child to consolidate his or her learning. 

I’m very excited to start using this app as a part of our Daily 4 learning centres and Guided Learning time. 

Here’s the link if you’d like to explore Sumdog before downloading it for your child. It’s compatible across Android and Apple tablets in the appropriate store. 

Link to official website:

Today, I’ll be sending your child home with a copy of their log in and password. 

What’s in a scary story?

Today in literacy we read a Halloween themed story then discussed how we are going to be writing our own “scary story.”

To kick off this writing project, we started a discussion about what makes a scary story. Students talked about how different settings, characters, word choice, sentence types, using juicy adjectives  and situations that they think all make up the characteristics of a story story! 

We focused on Inside character and Outside characters to help us make sure when brainstorming our own main character we’ve got lots of detail! 

How many feet?

Continuing our learning growing patterns, today we solved a problem that required us to use a number of tables to help us to solve the math problem. 
Here is the problem and a some pictures of students work. 

Thanksgiving Lunch

Yesterday our whole school sat together and enjoyed a traditional thanksgiving meal including turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies and gravy! Our class was so polite and grateful to all the volunteers who helped us to make this happen. 


In math we are containing our patterning unit. 

Today we focused on attributes and creating and extending a letter pattern. Try one at home this week! 
Create a pattern. Describe its changing attributes and extend it for 3 terms. 


In literacy we will also be working on what it means to infer. We will be using a variety of poems to help us to read between the lines. 

Here our are learning goals and success criteria for this expectation. 

Fiction vs. Non fiction

Today we watched Big Hero 6 to help kick off our upcoming literacy unit. We will be exploring a variety of non fiction texts and learn how to write for a variety of purposes using non fiction text forms such as reports, biographies, notes, lists, procedures and recipes.