Math Escape Room

Today we have started working on figuring out the code for our escape room. With 7 stations set up around the room we are solving various math problems in perimeter and area, patterning, currency, temperature, graphing and classifying. Once a station is completed a digit of the room code is given out. Right now we are halfway through cracking the code.

The area of a pattern block

Today we used pattern blocks to see how many it would take to cover a given shape. Students were challenged to use triangles, rhombuses and trapezoids to describe the relationship between the size of a unit of area and the number of units needed to cover its surface.

Running a Taco truck

This morning students were introduced to a project based learning project where students will be designing a logo, menu with designer tacos they price and creating a 3D taco truck!

We’re covering language and math while having fun! Students are definitely excited for this project.

Fraction Fun

I’m math we started to explore fractions. We’ve made a really awesome tool to help us along the way.

These fraction strips are sure to get a lot of use over the next few weeks.


The grade fours are doing an incredible job researching all about an animal of their choice. From their habitat to their spot in the food chains they are becoming experts!

Picking a target audience.

Today in media we discussed how companies target certain consumers with the way they advertise.

We also discovered how colours have certain meanings associated to them.

Students are now taking their learnings and creating a poster to advertise a product of their choosing.